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How many invitations should I order?

You think you have the exact numbers now, but you’ll still need more.

Before you say “Why? I have my list ready to go?” let us tell you from experience, you (and your wallet) will thank yourself later by ordering extra up front.

Start with at least 10 extra wedding invite added to your guest list total from the spreadsheet. That’s a minimum you should stick to. Have a think on this for second. Let’s say your guest list is at 200 and you’re spreadsheet indicates you need to order 100. Add in an extra safe cushion of 20% to cover all emergencies and order 120 wedding invites.

20%? That’s way more than I will ever need! Before you forego the idea of this comfy safety net, consider all the scenarios that could possible happen in the two months before you need to send the wedding invites to the post office.

A.) Mother of the Groom insists on adding 4 more guests to the list.

B.) You’ve realized you forgot to invite a relative

C.) Your parents decide to invite a few people from work.

D.) Your grandmother tells you she wants to keep one for posterity – and then so does your mother, the mother of the groom, etc.

E.) Your Groom insists you send an invite to his college buddy who is overseas – even though they won’t be coming to the wedding.

Don't forget any invitations that could get lost or damaged in the mail, or returned due to having a wrong address!

All things considered, do yourself a HUGE favor and order just a few more invites to have on hand in any scenario or situation. Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is and if you can save yourself the headache, or worse, a last minute panic, the better! (It’s WAY more costly to have to order more invites down the road then ordering them all upfront.)

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