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Wedding Invitations: What do I need all these pieces for?

Ordering invitations can be daunting. There are so many pieces, how do you know what you need? That's why we're here! With experience, comes answers! Ask away!

Custom "Game of Thrones" themed invitation suite.


The main card that conveys basic information regarding your wedding.

Who? What? Where? When?

Response Card with Envelope OR Response Postcard

Your guests' means of communicating their intent back to you. Will they attend? How many will attend? Meal choices? Food allergies? Song request? This little card can hold A LOT of information!

Reception Card

If your reception is not at the same venue as your ceremony, you need a reception card to convey that information. Where? When? Attire?

Accommodations Card

Destination wedding or having a lot of out of town guests? This card will provide your guests with the contact information for your preferred hotels, and a timeline for when they should make their reservations. Check with your hotel for any group name or code that they should reference, discounts may be available!

Directions Card

Ever have your GPS send you to the wrong location? Or right into a detour? Or no signal due to location? Not a bad idea to have a printed directions card for reference in case your guests get turned around!

Transportation Card

If you are providing transportation for your guests, provide the details of when and where they will be picked up and returned to their hotels. Great idea if you know your guests will be having a REALLY GOOD TIME and will prefer a safe way back to their hotel.

Further Information Card

This card is a little more modern, and not typically found in a traditional invitation set.

Tech savvy? Provide your wedding web address here!

Making a weekend our of it? Provide local attractions and things to do while they are in town.

Any other non-traditional information you want to add, can be provided on this card.

Give us a call at 215.348.1100 to set up your FREE one hour consultation to discuss your invitations. Remember to give yourself plenty of time! Quality, custom invitations should be ordered approximately six months before your wedding. With today's busy lifestyle, your guests should receive their invitation 2-3 months before the event, so they have time to plan and prepare for the occasion!

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